Custom BMW Airhead R80

BMW Airhead R80 GS
Nathan's R80/R100GS. Ever evolving in pursuit of the most functional ride. The test bike for all our R80G/S custom builds. It might not look like it at first glance, but this bike is covered in custom work. Our R80/R100 GS frankenbike is a Boxerworks classic. What you'll see here are just a few of the many customizations that we offer. Take a closer look.
Converted Rear Drive BMW R80 R100
The rear wheel was converted to a 17 inch R100 GS tubeless wheel and milled to 17mm to allow complete brake shoe coverage. The spokes were offset 15mm to clear swingarm.
The stock R80 rear drive (3 lug 37/11) was replaced with a R100 RS rear drive (4 lug 32/10). The brake arm was turned upside down and modified to allow for better clearance when riding off road. 
Mikuni Carb and Nascar Heat Shield Custom Fab Boxerworks
We took a 38mm Mikuni round slide carb with shop made cables and adapted it to fit the 40mm heads. We also applied a Nascar heat shedding coating to the cylinder head to help regulate the temperature.
Head Pipes Bash Plate R100 GS Front End
We outfitted R100 head pipes that can be taken off right or left for easier access and an R100 bash plate to cover bottom of motor and head pipes. The bash plate bolts into stock holes from the R80 GS.
The R80 GS front end was replaced with one from a R100 GS. We added a modified R1100 RT 4 piston Brembo caliper and custom stainless steel brake lines.
Custom Aluminum Side Cover and Hagon Shocks
Custom aluminum side cover with integrated accessory plug. Replaced rear shock with our preferred shock—Hagon. Hagon shocks pass the Tuv in Germany and have unconditional 2 year warrantee. Least expensive quality shock (half the price of Olins).
R100 Front End Custom Head Lights
R100 GS front end grafted onto an R80 GS. This resulted in a much beefier ride with the fork tubes, bigger axel, and wider tubeless front rim. Bike is lowered about 30mm— the shock was shortened and front end was slid up into clamps.
Dual headlight setup with convex lenses. One side is a headlight modulator and the other is a HID light. We built custom crash bars for headlight with a custom aluminum windshield. You'll also see an aftermarket Tourtec front fender bracket.
Adjusted Foot Pegs and Handle Bar Risers
Lowered (1 inch) foot pegs achieved with a custom lowering attachment. Rox risers are available through Boxerworks. They bolt directly onto stock risers and are adjustable.
We're capable of just about any modification you could come up with. If you've been dreaming of a custom Airhead whether it be for a showroom or the trails, we would love to work with you and bring it to life. You can click the link below to contact us about a project or give us a call anytime at 706 - 310 - 0699. 
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