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Motorcycle Consignment Athens

Selling a motorcycle yourself can be a real pain in the ass. Often times, people are just too busy to deal with the particulars of posting the bike, advertising in the right places, and responding to questions and inquiries about the bike—let alone, scheduling out a time for someone to come check out the bike in person. So the bike sits, and the sitting starts to create problems making it even less likely that the bike will sell. Sound familiar?

If you've been through any of the above, consider selling your motorcycle in the greater Athens area through Boxerworks consignment. Not only do we have the experience and tools necessary to find your bike a new home, our status as a motorcycle repair shop will help to reassure any potential buyer that your bike is reliable, dependable, and a great opportunity to get on two wheels.

Our shop is located on the very busy Greensboro Highway and averages over 8,000 passersby daily. Weather permitting, we push all our bikes to the curb every morning where they'll turn heads from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Our terms are straightforward and agreeable and can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


As always, we'd love to chat with you about how Boxerworks can help sell your bike fast. You can use our contact form or call us during normal business hours at (706) 310-0699. Check out our consignment terms below and get started selling your bike today.

Athens Georgia Motorcycle Consignment