MyGarage At Boxerworks

MyGarage at Boxerworks

At least once a week for as long as I have been in business someone walks into the shop and says "Man, I would love to work here. How about I start sweeping the floors!" So I've given this some thought and decided to offer anyone a chance to come to the school of Boxerworks and learn on their own Motorcycle, Project, Engine Rebuild, Etc. You'll get a work area, Lift, Tools, Trash cans, whatever you need. Grab a new or used part right off our shelfs instead of having to wait for it in the mail like you do at home. You can really experience what it's like to be a student of Boxerworks, we'll let you answer the telephone if it rings more than 3 times, deal with our most annoying customers, and if we really like you we might let you clean the bathroom.  There's a lot of things we would need to discuss but if you know your way around tools, enjoy getting greasy and would enjoy having some supervision when you need it give us a call. - Nathan

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