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Selling a motorcycle yourself can be a real pain in the ass. Often times, people are just too busy to deal with the particulars of posting the bike, advertising in the right places, and responding to questions and inquiries about the bike—let alone, scheduling out a time for someone to come check out the bike in person. So the bike sits, and the sitting starts to create problems making it even less likely that the bike will sell.

If any of the above seems frustratingly familiar, consider giving us a call to talk about our consignment program. With over two decades of sales experience in the greater Athens area, Boxerworks has the know-how and connections to get your bike sold fast. Our location on Greensboro Highway sees over 8000 passersby daily, and with your bike prominently displayed on the curb, your motorcycle will advertises itself! If the curbside spotlight isn't quite doing the trick, we offer a complete service experience of online listing, communication, scheduling, and showings at no extra cost. 

Our consignment terms are simple, straightforward, and fair. Click the link below to download the agreement and see for yourself. We'd love to chat more about a possible consignment with Boxerworks, so please drop us a line on our contact page or call us anytime during regular business hours at (706) 310 - 0699. 

Consignment Terms

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