Boxerworks Wants to Buy Your Vintage Motorcycle

BMW airhead boxer motorcycle vintage wheel tank rust frame

Boxerworks is looking for some winter projects.

With riding season coming to a close, we're looking for some vintage bikes and parts to keep us busy as we hole up in the shop for winter. 

Whether you've got a running daily driver, a rusty project bike taking up space in the garage, or an old pile of parts, give us a call and let's make a deal. You can reach the shop at 706 310 0699 anytime during normal business hours or use our contact form to drop us a line.

We've been selling bikes and parts both locally and online for close to two decades, and, needless to say, we've gotten pretty good at it! Even if you think your bike might be too far gone or outside our wheelhouse, don't be afraid to ask us what we think. We can't promise that we'll take everything off your hands, but we can guarantee a cheerful spirit and great conversation.

Look forward to chatting with you all. Have a great weekend and make sure to squeeze out the last drops of this beautiful riding weather.



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  • I have an 1988 K75S, with hard BMW bags, BMW Tank bag and reenforced GIVI monokey mount. Blue and in excellent condition. 32,000 miles. Are you interested?

    James W Plumb

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